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September 30, 2006


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For the first post of The Waihekian here are some haiku; mainly because yours truly has just had some published in Kokako a specialist poetry publication from the Bay of Plenty. There was one page from Selections from a haiku journey, which we made to The Netherlands via Singapore and Dubai in 2004. The editor also chose two more haiku written in Dubai and while we stayed in Eindhoven. Prose followed by an haiku or ku is called a haibun. Haiku writers are termed haijin.

I’m new to this – only a few years in.

Here’s one:

a cool breeze

lifts her burka

outside the bikini boutique



at the shearer’s mercy

flock of angora goats

more shrill than a dentist’s drill

tony –
but still a student’s voice
forty-six years later


seven ducklings in the canal

now there are six:

snatch of heron


dining among ferries

for Natasha, our guest

roses and lilies


green orbs on the plum

spring jewels tossed

blustery day

all haiku copyright suzanne vaassen

website of interest:

please note the Waiheke Writers’ Group is currently publishing  their occasional journal of members work, poetry and prose and graphics


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